Americans Experiencing Greater Reliance On Bicycles

With gas rates continuing to skyrocket, it is no surprise that more Americans are relying on bicycles as an alternative type of transport.

In truth, bicycle riding is the 3rd most popular outdoor activity among grownups, with 12 percent of people categorized as “frequent cyclists.” This number actually increases to 22 percent for children.

The fundamentals of bicycle safety are well understood– wear a helmet, use reflectors, and be noticeable and alert. But when it comes to insurance, lots of cyclists are uninformed or misdirected worrying the actions they can take to more protect themselves and their bicycle.

A specialized, stand-alone policy, bicycle insurance policy covers liability, loss, damage, and in some cases medical payments. Bicycle insurance companies put together five common misconceptions and misunderstandings about bicycle insurance that agents can utilize to educate their customers to secure themselves and their pastime.
Though a homeowners’ policy can often provide coverage for bicycle theft, some homeowners’ policies have low coverage limits for things like sporting equipment.

“There is an absence of awareness of the need for insurance coverage. The majority of people only assume they are fully covered under their homeowners or renters’ policies (as many people do not read the actual policy documents they get to know precisely what is and isn’t covered). In the unfortunate occasion of an accident, they are shocked to discover out there may be exemptions from their homeowner or renters’ coverage and possibly other restrictions, so the cyclist might not get the amount of the bike,” stated Houston Allstate Agent, Steve Griffin.

Bike owners who come down with theft may be confronted with much of the replacement cost for their bikes because of low coverage limits and high deductibles.

What’s more is that a bike claim could cause an individual’s homeowners’ rates to go up. With a separate bicycle insurance plan, cyclists can protect their homeowners’ rates and secure their bike from worst-case situations.

It is the agent’s job to make sure that a client understands their alternatives. By bringing a customer’s focus on exactly what is covered by their homeowners’ policy, they can figure out whether or not bicycle insurance essential with their existing policy.

Steroid Use

Keep in mind those heated debates you heard as a kid about whether pro wrestling was real? When I first started bodybuilding there were people actually arguing about whether the pros utilized steroids and other drugs.


You can’t blame them (entirely). The magazines at the time never stated a word about steroids, and the pros naturally couldn’t be forthright when somebody was brave enough to ask. It was a big secret … but it really wasn’t.

Today things have altered, but I still hear lots of lies and misconceptions about steroid usage in expert, amateur, and “natural” bodybuilding.

The majority of this originates from online rumors and web “gurus” tossing around nonsense. I desire to set a couple of things directly about the natural cycles utilized by pros and top beginners.

An Inside Peek
Initially, let’s speak about health. Yes, we care about that. Most of us a minimum of. Perfect diet and supplementation play a strong function in keeping us healthy while on a cycle. If we consume like garbage and overlook our health, then we can anticipate looking like crap on stage.

I usually require time off each year. I then take precautionary measures to make sure my health remains on track. Throughout the year, on and off cycle, I get routine blood work done to make sure my levels stay in range.

With private medical professionals, you can spend for any testing without questions being asked. Once you construct a relationship with a medical professional, you can be really straightforward with him about what you do. Then you can be kept track of appropriately throughout the cycles.

I have been lucky not to have any severe health problems. When blood tests are taken throughout a heavy cycle, the liver and kidney values can in some cases return out of range. After my PCT test and after I drop the orals, whatever returns to regular within a few weeks.

The majority of the top pros have doctors that are credible. Take into consideration they have been doing this for lots of years. Over time they ultimately find a good physician who comprehends what they do and works with them, not versus them.